• 🪵 Sustainably sourced

    We strive to be sustainable, therefore, we have worked hard to choose suppliers that use sustainably sourced paper. This includes protecting wildlife, local plant life and flood risk mitigation.

  • ✨ Premium Prints and Framing

    We've got high standards and will not compromise on quality. We have tried and tested each piece of art to ensure the right printing methods and materials are used for the job.

  • ♻️ Recycled Materials

    We have selected suppliers that use materials that have the highest recycled content we could find. We are working towards to future where we use 95% recycled materials.

❤️ Staff picks

Neon Tribe

Come along for the ride...

We are always searching for talented artists/designers to join us here at Lemondrop.

Unlike most art stores, we pride ourselves on creating art in-house, rather than buying the rights to art. Hiring a team creates much needed stability for creators and provides a fun space to produce anything and everything.

Join the team